We Are Katy Strong!

Hurricane Harvey created a disaster like none we have ever seen.  The Katy community has been and continues to experience untold grief and sadness, especially for those who experienced loss. Your stories have surely touched our hearts.

In Fort Bend County alone more than 2,000 pets were separated from their owners during Hurricane Harvey as people were being rescued or evacuated from their homes.  Even after being rescued, sadly some families had to turn in their pets to local shelters or give their pets to family member or friends because they were displaced.

Due to the quick response efforts of Fort Bend County Animal Services, local rescue groups, and individuals many animals were found and rescued.  We are currently working with these organizations to help provide food and funding while these pets are being held in shelters, cared for by foster parents or rescue groups until they are reconnected with their families or adopted.  Unfortunately many pets will never be reconnected with their families. This situation is a major crisis in our city on top of an already existing pet homeless overpopulation.

Many of you have asked me how you can help – if you plan to look for a pet as a holiday gift perhaps now is the time to adopt.  And if you are looking for a breed specific dog or cat there are many available.  There are many well-trained pure breed pets in addition to many well behaved mixed breed pets that need good homes.  They are waiting on YOU!

I’ve organized a group of Adoption Consultants to help connect these loving pets to wonderful homes, such as yours. If you are interested in adopting between now and the end of the year please reach out to me at patsy@patsyspetmarket.com .  We can help you find exactly the breed, size, age and activity level your family prefers.

If you are not looking to adopt a pet but you are looking for a way to help during this crisis then consider fostering.  Fostering a cat or dog allows a pet to be in a safe and loving environment versus a loud, scary and over populated shelter. Again, reach out to me at patsy@patsyspetmarket.com and I will help you along the way.  Most cats and dogs get adopted within a few months or less.  Some rescue groups only need weekend fosters or folks to help transport a pet from one shelter to another during one afternoon.  There are so many ways you can help!

Lastly, Alex and I invite you to our Surviving Harvey Animal Fundraiser on October 21st help at Patsy’s Pet Market to help raise money for all of these dogs and cats affected by Hurricane Harvey.  We have loads of fun activities planned!  Visit https://patsyspetmarket.com/donate-hurricane-harvey/ and stay tuned to our Facebook page for all the activities as we announce them.

We are Katy Strong!