Our Story

Pet photos and Patsy-McGirl-Alex-McCrayAt Patsy’s you’ll find a fun, down-home and welcoming experience unlike any other pet store. We have more than 15 years of experience of providing cats and dogs with specialized diet plans and behavioral consultations. We offer only natural and organic cat food and dog food, serving the Katy, TX and surrounding areas.

More than twenty years ago, Patsy left corporate America and opened a high-end dog daycare and boarding facility, the first of its kind. During this time, Patsy had the opportunity to work with animal behaviorists and trainers.

Each day, she became aware that many dogs and cats suffer with allergies. Over time, Patsy was able to trace the problem back to the poor quality of commercial pet foods. She sought out the help of a Veterinarian Nutritionist who taught Patsy ‘what really is in pet food’. Under her tutoring, Patsy started looking at human food production and discovered that large pet food companies put the leftovers that are unsuitable for human consumption into pet foods and treats.

It was then she decided to sell her dog and cat boarding business to open a premium pet food store offering healthy foods and treats along with various pet services. Her approach to pet nutrition was again innovative and at the forefront of the healthy pet food movement.

Alex is also is a major animal lover and used his talents to help Patsy move her concept to Texas, to be near family. His many years as a business consultant is just what was needed to help create new products and services that dogs and cats go crazy for.

Pet photos and PC Canine Good Citizen 1Patsy and Alex share a love for volunteering and work with agencies to encourage spay and neutering programs and also assist in animal abuse cases. Patsy had a life-changing event when given the opportunity to work with a few of the survivors of the Michael Vick dog fighting case. This experience made a lasting impression and since she has worked diligently in educational and advocacy programs that promote legislation for the humane treatment of animals.

Patsy and Alex enjoy pet therapy related activities through The Delta Society and READing Paws. They are proud to announce that their rescued 3-legged dog Patty Cake, the store mascot, received her AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate and also has her pet therapy certification to visit the Ballard House, VA Hospitals, and amputee centers. Patty Cake likes to show amputees how special they are and that missing a limb can be overcome with a smile and a wag!

Patsy and Alex share their mission in life to bring a healthy pet food revolution into every community. They are delighted to open up their first healthy and wholesome pet food store in Katy, where people care about community.

Come on in and see us some time!

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