Private Self-Serve Dog Wash in Katy, TX / Dog Spa in Katy, TX

Rub-a-dub-dub – all dirty dogs welcome!


Ever wash your dog in your bathtub, shower or patio? What a mess it can be to bath your dog at home – hair everywhere, several dirty towels, and an aching back.

Come bathe your dog in our luxurious spa like atmosphere. Each private dog spa has an easily accessed raised tub allowing you to bathe your dog without bending over. Your dog will go up to the bath with 4 small steps lined with slip-proff material. We provide dog groomer high-grade shampoos and conditioners, towels, brushes, cologne and de-matting spray, ear cleaner, and an apron for you. We regulate the water providing your pup the perfect temperature. Also included is a forced air dryer used by groomers, and a cheerful staff to clean up and sterilize afterwards.

All for just $20 – who could want more!

Flea Treatment is also available. Bathe your pup, or let us do it, and use our special shampoo that kills not only fleas, but also their larva.  After bath natural flea spray is also applied to keep your pup protected. Only $5.00!

Ask for the Dog Spa Club card – FREE – and get your card stamped every time you pay for a bath.  Your doggies 5th bath is on us!

First come, first served. No appointments please.  Last bath is at 4 pm, 1 hour before we close.  Each bath should take 15 – 20 minutes.  Please be considerate and take no longer than 30 minutes as someone else may be waiting in line for a bath.  Please call us in advance to check availability.

Come pamper your favorite pet at our the first dog spa in Katy, TX.  Nothing in town is better than Patsy’s Dog Spa!