NATURES VARIETY INSTINCT Chicken 13 oz (12 Count Case)

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NATURES VARIETY INSTINCT CHICKEN is made with real poultry and wholesome fruits and vegetables.  With Instinct, your dog will enjoy a hearty and nutritious diet, free of grains or fillers.  Such quality nutrition provides beneficial proteins and balanced omega fatty acids to maintain toned muscles, healthy skin, and a glossy coat.  Feed instinctively to give your dog the nourishment and energy to enjoy life every day.  Plus, try rotating with our other nutritious diets – your dog will love the variety.

The Instinct Raw philosophy is about providing pure, grain-free nutrition for your cherished dog. Every ingredient for our foods is chosen with care. The natural results of high quality foods include a soft glossy coat, reduced shedding, and vitality you can see. Our foods are 100% free of fillers, corn, wheat, soy, chemicals, and artificial colors & preservatives. Real meat, poultry or fish proteins give your dog everything they need for a long and happy life with you.

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