Professional Dog Grooming in Katy, TX

Pet photos and dog grooming katy tx

Patsy’s Pet Market now offers professional dog grooming in Katy, TX

A clean, well-groomed dog is always a pleasure to cuddle and curl up next to and will help you keep your dog healthy and clean. There are many healthy reasons for having your dog groomed. Please READ MORE on Patsy’s Blog.

Your Dog’s Grooming Experience

After a wonderful Spa Bath our talented dog groomer will apply her highly skilled techniques when grooming your beloved pet including a sanitary clip and full haircut.  We guarantee a low-stress, calming environment where your pooch will feel safe and comfortable.

Profressional Grooming Prices

Our Professional Dog Grooming prices are set according to size.  Pricing may be adjusted due to breed and coat type and condition.  Let our groomer assist you in choosing the proper treatments for your pet’s coat. Please call us at 832-457-2889 for pricing and to make an appointment.

Schedule A Grooming Appointment For Your Dog Today!

Grooming is by appointment only and available Tuesday – Saturday.  If you would like to see if we are able to fit you in our schedule for same day service, give us a call before 11 am.  We ask that you drop off your pooch between 8 – 10 am and schedule a time for pick-up before 5:30 pm.  We strive to have your dog back to you as quickly as possible and will make every arrangement to do so.  If you drop off your dog before 9 am chances are you’ll be able to pick up your dog between 12 – 2 pm; otherwise anticipate picking up your pooch later in the day.  Please call us for a quote at 832-457-2889 or drop by and meet our groomer.

We proudly offer these additional special services:

  • Plush Pawdicure – $20
    We’ll pamper your posh pooch with a nail clipping and trim, feet trim, conditioning paw soak, moisturizing paw rub, and nail polish if desired.
  • Blue Berry Facial – $7
  • Coconut oil mask $20**
  • Coconut oil mask with massage $20 plus $10 per every 10 minutes*
  • De-Shedding Brush / Comb-Out – $15 per every 15 minutes
  • Freshen Up Face Trim $10
  • Pads & Feet Trim $10
  • Flea & Tic Funeral – $10
  • Medicated Shampoo $5
  • Hypoallergenic Shampoo $5
  • Fur Coloring – $15 & up
  • Nail Clipping Only – $10
  • Nail Filing Only – $15
  • Nail Polish – $5
  • Teeth Cleaning – $7
  • Ear Cleaning – $7
  • Anal Glands Expressed (external) – $15


*Special Note: Coconut oil requires an extra bath.