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What’s In Your Dog’s/Cat’s Bowl Workshop – Part 4 – July: How to Read Label

My 20+ years of experience of offering high quality pet foods has taught me a lot about the inner workings of the pet industry. I have seen trends come and go. I believe one component to helping your pet lead a healthier life is knowing how to read and to interpret the terminologies of pet food ingredient labels and marketing buzz words used on packaging. Let me share my knowledge […]

What’s in Your Dog/Cat’s Bowl? (Part 3)

Canine Enrichment Feeding (Snacks and Brain Teasers) Now that we are in the summer months and it is HOT outside it is important to host indoor activities for your dogs and cats. This month we focus on how to mentally stimulate your cat or dog’s brain with creative ways of offering treats and snacks. Your pet will appreciate the little time and cost it takes to introduce these games to […]

What’s in your dog/cats bowl? – Part 2: Canine Enrichment Feeding

In this part of my “What’s in Your Dog or Cat’s Bowl?” series, I explore ways to change up your feeding routine for both your best furry friend.  Slower eating means less chance of bloating, reduces vomiting, as well as slowing down digestion, and can helping to combat obesity.  The design of any slow feeder is meant to slow down fast eaters and encourage dogs and cats to use their […]

What’s in Your Dog’s/Cat’s Bowl?

Ever wanted to learn more about what goes in dog or cat foods?  Looking to read a food label and understand what it means?  Want to know why RAW foods are such the rage?  In this article I’ll begin to explain some of my philosophies in creating a well-rounded meal for your pets. I also invite you to join me anytime at my workshop (always FREE) between 11 and 1 […]

The Value (and FUN!) to Shopping Local

Out of the 2.6 million small businesses across Texas did you know more than 99% of them are small businesses? In 2014, more than 175,000 small business jobs were created equaling 45.9% of all Texas workers that year. WOW! While Katy has encouraged many large businesses and retail establishments, it’s the small local owned businesses that help maintain and create a community’s local character. From bagel shops, hair salons to […]

2018 – Year of My Dog

Join me in a commitment to making 2018 a year to spend more time with your dog. Connecting with your dog is a great way for you to unplug, get a little exercise, and be outside in nature.  And your dog will love you for it!  Consider signing up for a dog-training class, explore a new park together, or making new BFF’s for your dog. To kick-off the ‘Year of […]

We Are Katy Strong!

Hurricane Harvey created a disaster like none we have ever seen.  The Katy community has been and continues to experience untold grief and sadness, especially for those who experienced loss. Your stories have surely touched our hearts. In Fort Bend County alone more than 2,000 pets were separated from their owners during Hurricane Harvey as people were being rescued or evacuated from their homes.  Even after being rescued, sadly some […]


All Packaged Treats 10% OFF in August – Just text PETDEALS to 77453* We’re about to send the kiddos off to school and this is also the perfect time to get your furry kid started back on her dog training routine. Whether you need basic obedience, want to refresh your training skills, or need some work on a specific behavior now is the time. I believe that every dog deserves […]

Swine is Oh So Fine at Patsy’s!

We are celebrating the pig this month and encourage Moms and Dads to think differently about adding pork to your pet’s diet.  Pork is perfectly safe for both cats and dogs and is slightly higher in protein than chicken. Pork really is the other white meat and is now gaining an excellent reputation in the natural pet food industry.  Over the years I’ve watched leaders of the natural pet food […]

Mr. Big Stuff

I’m obsessed with creating stuffin’ recipes because stuffin’ an interactive toy adds mental stimulation, hours of entertainment, and extra nutritionally packed foods to your dogs diet, plus its super easy for you to do. Often when a dog is misbehaving it is because they are bored – and we haven’t challenged their brains enough. When you give your dog a stuffed bone or interactive toy using my stuffin’ recipes you […]