How to Get the Most from a KONG Rubber Toy!

Just like us, dogs need to play and Kong Rubber toys are a great way to entertain your dog and even your cat. There’s nothing worse than coming home to find chewed-up shoes and furniture. Dogs often suffer from separation anxiety, from being isolated in one place or just plain boredom. They act out this stress by chewing so make it something that will entertain your pet and save your shoes! It’s important to set up good chewing behaviors and introducing Kong Rubber toys is a great start. We LOVE Kongs at Patsy’s!

kongKong Rubber toys are nontoxic and dishwasher safe. They are patented with a hollow center to be filled by you in order to keep you pet entertained while you’re gone during the day while also providing a way to feed and/or offer a snack.

Recipes to consider:

Keep it simple: Kong makes a Kong Stuff’n paste. We carry their Real Peanut Butter and Cream Cheese Spreads. Just squeeze a dab down into the Kong.

Want more of an adventure? Add chicken, peas or other steamed veggies and then fill with a little bit of yogurt, and a spoonful of canned pumpkin mixed in with a small amount kibble.

If you want to make your Kong treat last even longer and offer a more challenging experience, prepare it the night before and freeze it. It will take your pet much longer to get all of the goodies out. And we even have Kong’s for cats!