Watch that Waistline!

Just like humans, obesity is rising in the pet world.  In fact, one-third of dogs in America are overweight or obese which can lead to joint problems, back issues, and ultimately large Vet bills.  If you don’t know whether your pet is overweight then keep in mind the following:

  • Difficulty in feeling their ribs under fat.
  • Sagging stomach – if you can grab a handful of fat, your pet is overweight.

Pets are considered at an ideal weight if they meet these criteria:

  • Ribs are easily felt.
  • Tucked abdomen-no sagging stomach.
  • Visible waistline is apparent when viewed from above.

Take 5 simple steps to help avoid obesity in your pet:

  1. Take your dog on a daily, brisk walk.  The walk provides both mental and physical stimulation and allows them to explore their surroundings with their senses.   You may benefit from a brisk walk outdoors as well!
  2. Provide your cat or dog with toys designed to keep them active, such as balls, toys and Frisbees to play fetch with.  Consider feeding a portion of your cat or dog food in a ball that slowly dispenses food as they play.  Leave this food dispensing ball with them as you head out to work each day, instead of just feeding them in a bowl.
  3. If your pet is overweight, feed your pet a high quality, weight-reducing food.  Some prescription weight management foods are not meant to be fed on a long-term basis, as the quality of the food can lack proper protein. These foods are considered a solution to kick-start a weight management program.  Consider a weight-reducing food that is high in fiber, contains quality proteins, and is low in fat.  Excellent examples are Fromm’s 4 Star Whitefish and Potato with only 11% fat ratio and Fromm’s 4 Star Lamb and Lentil that does not contain any potato.
  4. Treat your dog with high-quality, low calorie treats such as Natural Balance Mini Rewards treats.  Patty Cake gives these a ‘3 Paws UP!’.
  5. Finally and most importantly, measure their food carefully and feed only the amount recommended by your Vet or what is listed on the pet food bag to maintain their perfect weight.  Keep in mind your pet’s age, breed, and activity level when using the suggested feeding guideline.   Join us during our Grand Opening and receive a complementary measuring cup to help you properly manage the amount of food you give your dog.

The most important step you can take in your pet’s health is to look at the first five ingredients listed on your current pet food bag.  Carbohydrates convert to fat much more quickly than protein so ensure that carbs are not the most listed ingredient (i.e. corn, potato).

Our staff will work with you to help you incorporate the highest quality products that have nutrient rich animal proteins, not foods with inexpensive, unhealthy fillers.  Our foods and treats do not contain any animal by-products, corn, wheat or soy.  Ingredients in our foods and treats must supply important nutrients and each protein source must be identified and labeled (such as chicken, beef, or turkey) and must also contain fruits and vegetables in addition to whole grains.

With our thorough knowledge of hypoallergenic foods, limited ingredient diets and novel proteins we will help you design a personalized diet for your pet.  We will take into consideration your pet’s breed, life stage, daily activities, and any specific medical and behavioral conditions including allergies, triggers and sensitivities to help your pet get back to feeling happy and healthy!

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any condition or illness. Our mission is to assist you along with your Vet to maintain your pet’s optimum health!   Please ensure your beloved pets visit their Vet and consult with them on any weight changes you may notice.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming walking clinics.  These free clinics are a great way to meet other dog owners and learn about the proper techniques and tools needed for walking your dog properly on a leash. Please visit our Facebook Page to register and find other dog friendly dog events in Katy, TX. The best exercise equipment is a leash!

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