Freeze-dried Raw Chews for Dental Health – Nutrition Packed!

February is dental health month and we have exciting solutions for your pet’s dental health. I have never been a big fan of typical packaged pet dental products. They are often made of dyes, yeast, chemicals and plastic-like materials that offer very little abrasion to the actual tartar on the teeth. High quality dental chews are made with products to help scrape the plaque off of the teeth, contain parsley and mint to freshen the breath, and are easily digestible. However these dental chews are often very soft and most heavy chewers gobble them up before the dental health benefits can take place. The high quality dental treats are also often overpriced for the benefits offered.

Proper dental care is critical to your dog’s health. So I do highly recommend weekly chews made of natural products; such as hide, bones, antlers and tendons that allow the dog to slow down the chewing to deliver enhanced dental cleaning. At Patsy’s I carefully choose chews (say that fast 3 times!) that are safe for all dog sizes, ages and chew levels. All of our chews do not contain any added flavorings, yeast, chemicals or colors so you can feel safe knowing I’ve selected only the best for your dog (and mine).

As with any chew it is best to monitor your dog’s chewing level. Please do not give your dog a chew in their crate while you are away or when they are unattended. Your dog should always be monitored when chewing on anything! Kong’s stuffed with frozen ingredients are your best bet for when you are away or when your dog is in a crate. Drop in and ask for suggestions of Kong stuffing recipes. Encourage the gnawing actions on the back teeth, which is the appropriate chewing position and will guarantee proper tartar removal to help keep your dogs’ teeth strong and healthy. I always allow for an hour of chewing and then I take the bone or tendon away and place in the freezer in a freezer bag for next time. Again, I suggest a weekly chew to keep the plaque and tartar away, which will freshen the breath.

This month I’m proud to introduce our Raw Bar that will showcase all freeze-dried natural parts. The freeze-drying process locks in vital nutrients by a delicate process that removes only the water therefore preserving the pure nutritional integrity of the organ meat, veggie, bone or tendon.

Freeze dried chews are great for overweight dogs as they are only protein and have no added fillers. And all of our pups that suffer from allergies will now have a chew option suited just for them. Best of all, our Raw Bar will also offer a few options for cats. You are welcome, crazy cat folks!

To kick-off our new Raw Bar, select from 12 various raw chews and receive 15% off this month and see your dogs pearly whites shine!