To Treat or Not To Treat?

There are many types of treats including crunchy cookies, soft and smelly (our favorite for training) and medicinal blended treats. We believe in the 3 treat a day philosophy to help provide additional nutrition, calories, medicinal benefits and to practice our favorite 3 commands come, sit, and stay.

Crunchy treats are considered a snack for in-between meals. These are a biscuit type treat that is often kept in a cookie jar on a shelf. There are a variety of treats made with beef, chicken, and other meats, as well as bacon and cheese, pumpkin, sweet potato, peanut butter, and even just vegetables.

The soft and smelly treats are great for training. They are typically smaller in size, lower in calorie, and can be broken up into even smaller pieces depending on how often you train. These are wonderful treats to use for rewarding positive behavior, potty training and managing appropriate behavior in a social setting. For example, if you have guests over, we suggest you carry treats on you in a plastic bag in your pocket and reward your dog when they are behaving appropriately.

Medicinal treats provided additives to aid in the health of your pet. These treats may have glucosamine added for hip and joint support or probiotics for digestive health. There are also calming treats that have herbs which is helpful for pets that suffer from anxiety or stress.

We are a proud retailer of Natural Balance products and have available many of their treats including their Mini-Reward treats that are 5 calorie or less. We also carry Natural Balance Meatballs, a soft treat and smelly treat, that smells and looks good enough to eat with your spaghetti! Natural Balance crunchy biscuits are Patty Cake’s personal favorite, especially the Duck and Sweet Potato. These limited ingredient diet treats, at a great low price of $3.99, will surely be a hit in your dog’s treat jar.

A reminder that during November we are offering $2 OFF small bags, $3 OFF medium size bags, and $5 OFF large size bags of all Natural Balance dry dog and cat foods.