What Does Your Cats Tail Tell?

The tail is a perfect extension of your feline’s expression! Your cat’s tail is always moving as your cat shares his or her emotions.

In cat body language these are a few cat tail positions:

  • If the tail is up this is a sign of a happy, cheerful cat that is likely approachable.
  • If the tail is down it may indicate a cat that is scared or threatened.
  • If your cat’s tail is slowing moving back and forth they are trying to decipher the situation.
  • If your cat is moving its tail rapidly back and forth, it means they are NOT happy.
  • A fast thumping tail is an agitated cat that wants to be left alone.

Another way to understand how your cat is feeling is to note their eye movement.  If their eyes are slowly blinking it indicates your cat feels safe and comfortable, and trusts you.

Take time to understand your cat’s way of communicating to better decipher their moods and needs.

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