Tis the Season for a New Pet – Adopt – Don’t Shop This Holiday Season

There are many reasons to adopt – not shop and here are our top three reasons:

  1. Save a life!  There are so many dogs and cats that are found homeless and then placed in a shelter. These dogs typically end up in a shelter due to a divorce, a move, or changed financial conditions; often not by any of their own wrongdoing.
  2. Great Pets!  These ‘pre-owned’ pets are typically perfect pets. We suggest adopting an older dog instead of searching for a puppy as many are already house trained and healthy – they are just in need of a good home.
  3. Save Money!  All are spayed or neutered upon adoption along with vaccinations and microchipping.  The cost is minimal compared to buying from a breeder.

Most shelters and rescue groups have happy and healthy pets waiting to be adopted.

If you are focused on a particular breed, there are many breed specific rescue groups that are happy to help you find the exact animal you are looking for, cat or dog. We know and work closely with many local rescue organizations.

Many people are tempted to get their child a puppy or kitty for Christmas.  While a wonderful idea, the fact is many holiday pets are dumped off at shelters when the puppy cuteness wears off and the potty training wears thin.

Many people don’t realize that when you buy a dog or a cat from a pet store or breeder, you probably are supporting cruel puppy mills.  Don’t be fooled by a breeder’s fancy website.  Visit where your pet is being born in person (not a video) and insist on meeting the parents of the dog or cat.  Lastly, a Health Guarantee from a breeder is no guarantee that your cat or dog is healthy – please read the fine print.  A responsible breeder maintains high breed standards and typically breeds only once a year.

Adopt NOW!  There are too many reasons to adopt and you’ll be rewarded with expressions of gratitude for as long as you both shall live.