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We’re about to send the kiddos off to school and this is also the perfect time to get your furry kid started back on her dog training routine. Whether you need basic obedience, want to refresh your training skills, or need some work on a specific behavior now is the time.

I believe that every dog deserves a good education. My favorite form of training is called Positive Reinforcement. There are many benefits to this style of training and the concept is simple: reward the behaviors you like and ignore the behaviors you don’t like. Everyone in the family can do it and I encourage every dog to go through at least one training class with a certified trainer. My recommendation is Pat Marshall with Happy Hounds Training Center. Trust me – your dog will be happy and so will you! Visit for training class schedule and information.

Treats are my all time favorite product to offer. I am always on the lookout for treats I know your cat and dog will enjoy during a training session (yes, you can train a cat). Rewarding your dog is so much more fun when they get excited for the yummy morsel of goodness. So the better tasting the treat the more you will dog will pay attention to you during training sessions.

The best dog training treats typically smell good, are irresistible, easy to break into pea-sized pieces, easy to carry (not greasy or crumbly) and healthy. For puppies and dogs with sensitive stomachs it is best to stick to treats with simple ingredients that are easy to digest. Zuke’s Mini Naturals are one of my favorite training treats and come in a variety of recipes including pork, chicken, salmon, duck, rabbit, and dog’s all time favorite peanut butter.

Switch up your training treats to keep your pup from getting bored. Or try the exotic flavors of the Vital Essentials duck or rabbit. Organ meats treats, such as Vital Essentials freeze dried hearts or beef tripe are also very popular. Primal Treats are just as healthy and tasty as the Primal freeze-dried nuggets and you know how your dogs and cats love that! The Merrick beef and lamb lung are also guaranteed winners. If you want a good response you can also use Pet Deli’s organ meat loafs chopped into tiny pieces, which is the most economical. Feeding a variety of dog treats during training will help to keep your dog from getting bored. So notice what your dog considers a high value treat because of the way their butts stick to the ground or how much they focus on you.

We also carry a large selection of soft treats, as they can be broken into smaller pieces for training while also filling up the cookie jar. I’ll chop up a half bag of the soft treats to use for training and put the rest in my treat jar for good behavior rewarding. Plato Pet treats make a terrific soft treat option, as they are a single source protein treat perfect for dogs with allergies. Bravo Trail Mix is my Sadie Pearl’s favorite because it has 4 different freeze dried treats in one bag – turkey, bison, beef hot dog, and cheese. And, let’s not forget Wag More Bark Less treats. Just recently two of my favorite pups, Ashe and Sophie graduated from Canine Good Citizen class using a variety of their recipes.

Lastly, please don’t treat your dog or cat with junky treats. Avoid corn, wheat, dyes, BHA and BHT (both are known to cause cancer), and anything that has ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Happy treating and happy training!

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