What’s in Your Dog’s/Cat’s Bowl?

Ever wanted to learn more about what goes in dog or cat foods?  Looking to read a food label and understand what it means?  Want to know why RAW foods are such the rage?  In this article I’ll begin to explain some of my philosophies in creating a well-rounded meal for your pets. I also invite you to join me anytime at my workshop (always FREE) between 11 and 1 pm on Sunday, April 15 and let me help you understand these issues and answer questions you’ve always wanted to know about what’s in your pet’s bowl.

It is my opinion that kibble alone is not enough for a long lasting healthy life for both cats and dogs.  We often get requests for help with changing up pet foods after a pet has been diagnosed with a disease.  Most of the pets recently diagnosed have been eating low quality grocery store brands or Veterinarian formula brands for many years.  It is heart breaking to hear these stories.  Don’t be fooled by good marketing and buzz words such as natural and fresh.  Many pet food companies use images of broccoli and carrots on the bag, when there is little to no vegetables added to the food.  I am happy to help you breakdown a food or treat label and can help you find a appropriate food at a good price for your pet.  Free samples are always available to allow your pet the opportunity to taste the food.

At Patsy’s we offer the best brands available to ensure your pet will maintain proper health and growth throughout their lifetime. Every product on our shelves has the highest quality ingredients along with scientific research backing their formulas to ensure your pet is getting the optimum nutritional requirements.  I always say, “if it’s on our shelves it’s a good food’. We do not offer you every food available on the market, as there are many pet foods that have questionable ingredients, have been inappropriately stored or shipped, and are simply junk food in a fancy bag. For more than 20 years I have stuck to my high standards and will not sell low quality pet foods or treats.

People often ask me, Patsy what do you feed your dogs? Again, kibble alone is not enough for optimum nutrition.  Join us on Sunday, April 15th as I demonstrate how to set up better eating habits by enhancing the taste and texture of your pets food at my “What’s In Your Dog’s/Cat’s Bowl?” workshop.  I will show you how I always make sure to change up the ‘bottoms’ and ‘toppers’ in my pets diet.  I have great ideas on how to fill your pet’s bowl with healthy, nutritional, and tasty foods.  You’ll discover new and very easy ideas for adding moisture other than water that contributes additional health benefits.  Learn how to add inexpensive items that add protein, nutrients, oils while changing up the flavors and textures that will keep your pet’s head in their bowl.

My goal is to inspire you to be creative when feeding your pet – so, bring an empty dog bowl and be prepared to leave with lots of fixins.  If you can’t make it that day, please review prior blogs and look to our series of blogs on ‘What’s in Your Dog’s/Cat’s Bowl”, and stay tuned for my video series on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU9uK08SInK2VgmedXB4w6A  where you can currently find my recipes for stuffin’ a bone or any interactive toy.

I’ve trained my staff and my husband (smile) to assist you in finding the right combination of foods and ingredients to provide a healthy long life for your pet.