The Value (and FUN!) to Shopping Local

Out of the 2.6 million small businesses across Texas did you know more than 99% of them are small businesses? In 2014, more than 175,000 small business jobs were created equaling 45.9% of all Texas workers that year. WOW!

While Katy has encouraged many large businesses and retail establishments, it’s the small local owned businesses that help maintain and create a community’s local character. From bagel shops, hair salons to our local pet store you’ll find you know the owners name and they’ll know yours, you’re typically greeted when you walk in the door – with a smile, and you’ll leave feeling confident the owner sincerely cares about you and your family.

When you shop at a local shop, you’re essentially giving back to your community with tax dollars helping to support your local schools while stimulating growth by adding local jobs. On average, 48% of each purchase at locally-owned businesses is re-circulated locally, compared to less than 14% of purchases at chain stores. This makes your trip to your favorite locally-owned stores return more than 3x’s as much money per dollar than chain stores and restaurants. While franchises contribute to a local community a percent of their sales always go directly back to their national account – taking away some of the advantage of shopping local. A locally owned business thus recirculates a far greater percentage of revenue into the local community than franchises and chain stores and restaurants.

We are proud to have 8 local employees that genuinely care about you and your pets. These employees live in Katy and therefore also help contribute to the local economy. Isn’t it nice knowing that the money you spend at Patsy’s is contributing to your child’s education, sports programs, your streets as well as supporting local folks with jobs and career opportunities?

Another great reason to shop local is the likelihood of the involvement of the owners with the local community. We are personally involved in the Katy community and help to support many nonprofit organizations through our financial donations and volunteer hours, not just pet related groups, but also Katy schools, local youth organizations, and other organizations that are important to you, our friends and customers. Just this past month we supported 3 pet rescue groups, promoted a local artist, hosted a Girl Scout annual cookie drive, donated to Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP), hosted a paper towel drive for Fort Bend County Animal Services, and we just brought in honey from a local farmer.

We acknowledge many of you (and us included) shop on the web. How convenient – right? It just shows up at your door 2-3 days later. However that good food is stored in a hot warehouse and on a hot truck, loosing some of its nutritional value, until you get home to drag it in for your best furry friend. One could say that NONE of the money you spent on that bag of dog food is contributing to creating and sustaining a vibrant local community unless it was made and packaged locally. If you want it delivered, call us or order online – we offer SAME DAY SERVICE. No struggling to bring it in; we’ll do all the hard work for you with a smile and a belly rub for your pets!

So drop on in and check out our Texas Table filled with Texan made dog products, and this month enjoy our ‘shop local specials’ including Merrick Classic canned recipes – Buy 12 GET 2 FREE* followed by $10 off Canidae 44 lb. bag. (See our OFFERS on Facebook.)

While planning your shopping trip to Patsy’s, stop in at HEB across the street, Spec’s just next to us, pick up a gift at Hauerland’s, a prescription at Hope Compound Pharmacy or have lunch at Double Dave’s or Sushi Hana, or get a haircut or a mani/pedi at the 2 salons – all of which were all born and breed in Texas! See y’all real soon!