What’s the difference?

People often ask me what is the difference in pet foods from Target or a grocery store and what Patsy’s offers. I have great knowledge of the pet feed industry and choose the best brands available in our area. I want to ensure your pets will maintain proper health and growth throughout their lifetime. Every product on our shelves has the highest quality ingredients along with excellent scientific research backing their formulas to ensure your pet is getting the optimum nutritional requirements. I always say if it is a good food, then I have it on my shelves.
It is my opinion that kibble alone is not enough for a long-lasting healthy life for both cats and dogs. We often get requests for help with changing up pet diet after the pet has been diagnosed with a disease. Most of the pets recently diagnosed have been eating low-quality grocery store brands or Veterinarian formula brands of foods for many years.
Grocery store brands shortchange your pet on nutrition by adding low-quality ingredients. The US has questionable standards as to ingredients allowed to be added to pet feeds. Big label pet brands often use the by-products of human food production. Most large pet food manufacturers produce pet foods that are like fast food: offering low-quality ingredients with little nutritional value.
Don’t be fooled by good marketing and buzzwords; such as “natural” and “fresh”. Many pet food companies use images of broccoli and carrots on the bag, when there is little to no vegetables added to the food. Complete and balanced does not mean anything. Neither do natural or wholesome.
Most grocery store foods are basically corn, gluten meal, wheat, unhealthy grains, rancid fats and chicken or beef carcass without meat. Nutritionally deprived dogs have unbalanced and unhealthy guts – often why they cannot tolerate a change in food. Another reason why we stress the importance of adding new foods very slowly.
Take a look at your pet’s food and treats. Corn, soy and wheat are killers to pets (especially cats), as they cannot digest this.  Canola meal is used as a low-quality protein source in animal feed; it is a by-product of the extraction of canola seeds. Avoid chicken by-product, or chicken by-product meal, animal meal, animal meat, bone meal, wheat, wheat gluten, soy, corn, and corn gluten meal – especially in your pets’ food.
We do not offer every food available on the market, as there are many pet foods available that have questionable ingredients, questionable sourcing of ingredients, are private labeled and are simply junk food in a fancy bag. If you have any questions about pet food or treats our entire team is happy to chat to help you find the best product for your budget.