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Here are some tips from our Professional Groomers Amanda, Ariana and Lisa.

A great relationship between you and your groomer starts with you. Our wonderful Professional Groomers always say to play with your dogs’ feet to get them used to nail trims. Slowly massage their paws and separate each toe while giving them treats to ensure a calm and enjoyable experience. This is great to do while watching TV. Create a positive association with paw handling.

Forward-booking is best to ensure your dog stays on a grooming routine – this is best to ensure their coat stays in top shape, and you can avoid out-of-control matting and overgrowth. Scheduling consistency is key, as we are typically booked 5-7 days out.

Loyalty is also an important component as your dog responds better to places, people and routines your dogs remember. Your loyalty helps your dog remain calm during grooming. We love to see your dog come in for shopping and rush back to the grooming room on days they are not scheduled for grooming!

Arrive on time and stay calm on the way to the appointment. If you are hurried and frustrated, your dog senses this and often becomes anxious. We love it when we greet calm pups for their grooming appointment. Please do not over-excite your pup as you wait to meet the groomer. A clam dog is so much easier to handle and snuggle in our grooming room. Our grooming room is a serene place, and our groomers take their jobs seriously. They love your dogs and make notes on lumps, raw spots, and any changes they may notice in regards to skin, condition of their coat and behavior.

Lastly, bring photos and talk about a new look or ideas you may have for your pups’ hair. Amanda, Ariana and Lisa are always open to feedback and suggestions. We want you to be a satisfied customer! To schedule a groom for your dog, call or text 832-457-2889.