What’s In Your Dog’s/Cat’s Bowl Workshop – Kibble is NOT ENOUGH! The Importance of Moisture
Sunday, April 14
Drop in anytime between 1-3 – FREE

Most people feed their pets kibble – kibble alone is not enough! 

Dogs and Cats need moisture to digest their food, just like we do.  The kidneys and liver can become stressed if the moisture isn’t added to the food vs. drinking the moisture when eating. When the pet drinks the water after eating the kibble can swell up to several times its size.  By adding moisture such as goat milk, bone broth or water with the food your pet will receive the benefit of the stomach not swelling up. For larger, barrel-chested breeds a high-moisture diet is a must!

By adding moisture such bone broth you’re also adding additional nourishment to a meal – it tastes good too! It also supports a healthy immune system and helps improve bone and joint health as gelatin is a very good source of collagen.  By adding goat milk you’ll add vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, enzymes, protein, and fatty acids all easily utilized by the body.  An excellent probiotic for your pet’s health – both dogs and cats. You can also add canned food, which naturally contains moisture, adding nutrition while enticing picky eaters.

Patsy will demonstrate many new ideas on how to fill your pet’s bowl with healthy, nutritional, and tasty foods while also discovering ideas for adding moisture other than water contributing so many more health advantages.  Learn about adding toppers that will add additional protein while adding new flavors, textures and moisture.


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Gone to the Dogs Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, April 20, 11 am – 4 pm

Those rascally rabbits have left a bunch of eggs (and tennis balls) that are going to the dogs!  Bring your pooch to dunk for $1, $2, $3, $4, or $5 OFF balls.  Each ball has a number on it and whatever number they grab, take that number dollar off your total purchase of $10 or more*. People egg hunt too for FREE bags of treats, chews, and more! Fun treats for the pups and lots of chocolate goodies pet parents and siblings. Bring the kids along with the pooch for photo ops with the Easter Bunny. See event updates at

Brother’s Barkery
Saturday, April 20, 11 -2
FREE Doggie T-Shirts!

Join     Brothers Barkery, a local small bakery out of Marble Falls, Texas that create doggie treats with the finest natural ingredients – NO CORN, WHEAT, or SOY.  Today only – Come by and try out their delicious cookies – Buy any 3 bags of @BrothersBarkery and receive a FREE t-shirt for your pup or for you. PLUS See if you can find the Easter Egg to win a FREE bag of Brother’s Barkery!

Patsy’s Monthly Dog Walking Clinic
Sunday, April 28, 10 am – 11 am
Sponsored by Primal Pet Foods and Weruva

You’ll learn a few tips to ensure both you and your dog enjoy your walks! There are many distractions as you walk your dog.  Patsy will help you learn how to manage your dog with other dogs and people approaching, bikes, runners, and walkers passing by, squirrels, birds and other habitat just hanging out as well as safe handling tips around traffic. Learn these practical guidelines and more about the proper tools to keep walks safe and fun. FREE cooling bandanas and water stations available.  Every family will receive a FREE @primalpetfoods product and @weruva product and the first pooper wins a prize!  How fun!!

We’ll walk for approximately 40 minutes.  All participants will have a private shopping opportunity between 11 a.m. – Noon and receive 10% OFF EVERYTHING* in the store.

Bark ‘N Wine – Join us every Friday night between 5 – 7 PM. 

You bring the bark and we’ll provide the wine!  We carefully select a variety of wines each week.  If you enjoy casual wine tastings, you’ll relish trying different wines while meeting other dog lovers.  Enjoy the opportunity for your dog to learn to socialize in a group setting with other dogs and people. So join us every Friday night with your pooch! Katy’s new happening place to be before dinner on a Friday night for a howling good time.