Spa Bath Service in Katy, TX

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Drop and shop at Patsy’s Pet Market Dog Spa! In addition to the first dog wash in Katy, TX – Patsy’s now offers Spa Bath Services!

Bring your pooch to Patsy’s Dog Spa in Katy, TX where they will be pampered in our luxurious spa like atmosphere. Our very experienced bathers will bathe your pooch with genuine love and care.  We regulate the water providing your pup the perfect temperature, generously rub in premium shampoos and if applicable a conditioner, apply flea and tick treatment if requested*, and express the anal glands (external).  We then will clean the ears, trim the nails, and apply a Blueberry Facial.  After a nice blow-drying (not cage dryers causing dry eyes and skin, and may cause difficulty in breathing) your pooch will then receive a good, through brushing and comb-out with an after perfume spray giving your pooch a smell you will enjoy, especially if they sleep with you!  All of these services are provided with loving care in a low stress environment.

Our Spa Bath Service prices are set according to size.  Pricing may be adjusted due to breed and coat type and condition.

Self-serve and Spa Bath services are available 11 am – 6 pm Sat – Thursday.  Friday, we close our dog wash for our Bark ‘N Wine at 4 pm.

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*Additional fees may apply. Please call us at 832-457-2889 for pricing and to make an appointment.