Patsy’s Specials

January Specials

Zignature BOGO Sale

Buy a 4lb bag of Zignature and get one FREE!

Zignature dog food continues to be a puppy pleaser as each recipe is a limited ingredient diet. Choose from duck, catfish, salmon, turkey, pork, trout, and even kangaroo options. Each blend has matching canned food and treats to ensure your dog gets everything within the same feeding plan. Dogs love the taste and we love recommending Zignature for dogs with sensitive skin, food allergies, and even sensitive bellies. FREE samples are available.



All Bone Broth and Fresh Toppers are 40% off

Primal Bone Broth is a customer favorite – this topper can be used in a variety of ways, but the best and easiest way is to pour it in your dog or cat’s bowl. The gelatin from the bones is the crucial ingredient to help with your pup’s gut and joint health. Cats and dogs love the taste – beef, chicken, pork, and turkey. Build a better bowl with Primal toppers!




Primal Fresh Toppers each have a unique and functional purpose.

  • The Awesome Squash topper targets your pet’s proper digestion by using butternut squash, ginger, and turmeric.
  • The Omega Mussel topper targets your pet’s joint health with mussel meat providing a perfect form of glucosamine and chondroitin. If you have not tried this added ingredient for joint health, you can noticeably see the difference. FREE Samples are available.
  • The Power Greens topper is for all-around immunity by using fresh leafy greens, sardines, and medicinal mushrooms. We call this the ‘pet green smoothie,’ and with the added sardines cats particularly love this.




FREE Primal Products for all Professional Grooming Clients. 

We are giving away a FREE pint of Primal Goat Milk or a FREE package of Primal Butcher Blend to our grooming customers through the end of January. Our professional grooming services include a shampoo, haircut, nail trim, and a fresh style. Amanda and Ariana love your pets as their own! They take their time with each dog to ensure they are comfortable and enjoy the grooming experience. If you are interested in our grooming services, please text or call 832-457-2889.



Primal Goat Milk will elevate your pet’s health. Simply pour this nutritious milk over their food for either breakfast or dinner. This “universal milk” is a great digestive aid, adding the best sources of nutrients and probiotics to your pet’s bowl. Cats love Primal Goat Milk, too!

Primal Butcher’s Blend will also elevate your pet’s bowl and is often used as a food topper. These easy-to-thaw toppers are made with organ meat and ground bone.

Watch your best furry friends head dive into their bowl with these amazing toppers.