Why Make a Raw Resolution?

Dogs are direct descendants of wolves and cats from wild cats and neither are NOT meant to eat foods primarily made up of corn and other starches found in many grocery store or large chain store low quality kibble.  Their DNA structure benefits greatly from a raw diet, as organ meat and ground-up bone are typically not found in kibble.  While feeding you pet premium kibble and canned foods is always the better option to grocery store and large chain store foods, why not upgrade your pet’s diet by offering the most premium nutrition available?

There are many benefits to incorporating a raw dog food diet including:

  • Excellent for itchy skin from reduced allergy symptoms. There are no carbohydrates in raw foods.
  • Firmer and smaller sized stools due to ground bone content.
  • Good for dental health from the benefits of ground bone content.
  • Healthier skin and coat from a more refined diet with less additives.

More importantly, commercially prepared diets (vs. homemade raw diets) incorporate antibiotics and steroid free whole muscle meat, organ meat and meaty bones with no additional hormones.  With the addition of wholesome certified organic fruits and vegetables providing essential vitamins and minerals from companies that offer the highest standards of safe food handling.

Raw foods come in several convenient and easy to use forms including freeze-dried, dehydrated, and freshly frozen.

We recommend a well-rounded diet for both cats and dogs that include a premium kibble twice a day with a form of raw added several times a month.  We also recommend adding yogurt, kefir or raw goats milk as a form of probiotic and coconut oil for their skin and coat.

Join Primal’s Raw Resolution today to ensure the health of your furry loved one!