Grooming is Good for Your Dog’s Health

What if you didn’t bathe and brush your hair, trim your nails or clean your teeth? You can imagine how that must feel for your pooch. Not only will your dog feel and smell better, she’ll be healthier.

Lack of grooming can increase clogged and black ears (yeast buildup), dirty crusty eyes, and nails that are too long that can be painful and cause improper walking.

A warm bath with rich, clean lather can rid your dog of harmful fleas, tics, bugs and germs in addition to relieving dry, itchy, irritated skin.

You can remove dead hair and dirt with proper thorough brushing that can be hiding places for bacteria, mites, and parasites including fleas and ticks. Illnesses can be transmitted to humans through parasites such as fleas and ticks and fleas are part of the cycle that cause tape worms. Ticks transmit Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Fever, which can be transmitted to humans. Our groomer can help you correct the problem with a medicated shampoo and after bath flea treatment.

Proper trimming of your dog’s nails can prevent germs from accumulating under the nails. It can also prevent the dog from inadvertently scratching you or your children or other family members and friends.

Thorough brushing can not only help your dog look good, but can help keep the skin from becoming inflamed by stimulating the blood supply to the skin which releases oils in the skin. The process of scrubbing, blow drying and brushing removed dead skin and hair, allowing air to circulate through your pet’s skin and coat.

With a regular grooming schedule, most hair mats and tangles can be prevented. It will also alleviate the development of excess hair around the eyes and ears. Older dogs will need the hair trimmed between the paws to help ensure they don’t slip on hardwood surfaces.

Groomers can also help find early detection of lumps and bumps that may be a sign of a serious illness. Patsy’s groomer once found a lump on her dog and brought it to her attention. That small lump turned out to be brain cancer and her dog’s life was saved due to early detection. It’s great to have someone that knows your dog’s body and skin texture and will regularly check them from ear to toe probably more often than when you visit your vet or check for lumps yourself.

A clean, well-groomed dog is always a pleasure to cuddle and curl up next to. We now offer grooming in addition to our in-between grooming self-serve dog wash, so give us a call and let our professional groomer help you keep your dog healthy and clean.

We’re delighted to bring you a top-notch professional groomer as a part of the services we offer. Many say she is the best groomer in Katy, TX. Please stay tuned through our Facebook and Website for more details.