Here’s the Scoop on Your Pooches’ Poop

This article is not for the faint of heart! While unpleasant, it is an important one.

Since our cats and dogs can’t tell us when they have an upset stomach or other intestinal issues we need to keep an eye on the four C’s of Poop.

  1. Color: A healthy pet produces chocolate brown poop. Color changes may include red streaks, tarry black, maroon, or pale yellow stools. If you notice any color changes, please contact your Vet. An exception to this would be food coloring added to your dog’s kibble or treats resulting in spots of color. We highly recommend foods and treats without any coloring or dye. Corn and peas are often not digested; therefore it is normal to see them in your pets poop.
  2. Consistency: An ideal stool is a firm, segmented piece. It often feels like Play-Doh when picking up in a poop bag. Some pets have softer poops than others. The key here is your dog or cats poop should hold its form. If your dog experiences softer stools that do not hold its form for more than a day, please contact your Vet.
  3. Coating: Poop should not have any coating. You should be able to pick up a perfectly formed poop without leaving any residue on the ground or grass. Any coating of mucus or blood should be a cause for concern and we recommend you contact your Vet.
  4. Contents: Rice shaped flecks or long spaghetti like strands typically means your pets has worms. Please see your Vet about deworming medication. Often the poop will provide obvious clues to what your pet has been up to while you are away. You may find pieces of socks or even your favorite throw pillow. Again, if anything causes you concern it is always best to make a trip to your Vet.

Through Patsy’s many years in the business she has kept a long list of the bizarre things that pet owners find in their pet’s poop. Pet owners have found crayons, Mardi Gras beads, $5 bills, pieces of wicker furniture and torn socks in their pet’s poop! Can you top this list? Please let Patsy know!

Want your pet’s poop to be smaller? Raw food is a great way to reduce stool odor and volume. An animal’s digestive system is made for a meat based diet and also they require very little carbohydrates. Some say their dog’s stool production is cut in half with a completely raw diet. Raw diets alone can be expensive therefore we recommend feeding a quality kibble with raw added as a topper for proper nutrition. Kibble alone is not a complete diet for your dog or cat, as many nutrients are cooked out. You’ll see the benefits of raw immediately. Not only less poop, but also increased energy, improved digestion, better dental health (because of the ground bone), a healthier coat, and stronger immune system. You’ll have peace of mind that your are feeding the 5 Star Standard of pet food. We have lots of raw food sample packs available for both dogs and cats.

We recommend you take the time, at least once a month, to get the scoop on your dog or cats poop. We’re your friendly local poop experts – when in doubt, give us a ring and believe it or not, bring us a picture!