Hot Fun in the SummerTime!

While Texas can get a wee bit hot, there is still a lot of fun activities to do.  Consider these few fun ideas for you, your children, and your furry children whether you staycation or vacation during the summer break.

Just keep in mind, dogs don’t sweat like people do, we need to help them keep cool.  Dogs regulate their body temperature through their paws or by panting, so take a few extra steps to keep them from getting overheated while your outdoors having fun.

Plans for a Staycation

  1. Allow them to swim in your swimming pool or a small kids pool to cool down.   Throw dog biscuits in the pool (they’ll float), balls, or other floatable dog toys.  Come by Patsy’s and see what a great Summer selection of floating dog toys we have in stock.
  2. Turn the sprinkler on and have a cool blast of fun with your dogs. Play chase in the sprinkler with your best pal.
  3. Get a summer groom.  Make sure your dog’s hair is not unnecessarily long, making them extra hot in the summertime.

If you are outside for a walk or a hike, schedule your time to be either early morning or perhaps early evening when you can view the stars together.  If you happen to be walking by a neighbors sprinkler, go act like a kid again and run through the water – it will cool you both down.

Another fun event for the dog and the kids is to go the drive inn.  The Showboat Drive Inn is located in Hockley and they allow pets.  Visit

Take a summer class with your all your kids, including the dogs, at Happy Hounds Training Center.  Pat Marshall has some fun summer classes.  Found out more at

Some indoor activities that you can do:

  1. Make homemade popsicles or freeze cubes of watermelon in a Ziploc bag.  You can purchase ice cream and YES, we have them including yummy Bacon and Peanut Butter blends. Or share a store bought fruity Popsicle with your pal.
  2. Create an agility course inside – YouTube has some really fun videos.
  3. Refresh your basic obedience lessons such as practicing the come, sit, and stay commands.  Patsy always says to practice the COME command at least 1,000 times in your dog’s lifetime as it may save their life.

Off on a Vacation

If you’re headed to the beach, a lakes, or hiking near a stream, take your best friend with you.  Couple of thoughts to consider when you do:

  1. Make a cooling bandana for your pup.  Take a water-dipped bandana, slip it into a Ziploc plastic bag, and then pop into the freezer. Wrap around their neck for a nice cooling effect.
  2. Bring water for you and your pal.  Consider buying a hydra bowl for easy mobility – YES, we have them. And yes, they are super cool!
  3. Buy a life jacket and keep your dog safe – YES, we have them. Again, very super cool!

When traveling, whether near or far, it is always a good idea that your dog has a visible ID tag on a properly fitting collar. We suggest to keep your dogs leash attached to their collar while inside the car.  It is easier to grab a leash should your dog bolt from the car.   Depending on the length of your trip consider taking: plenty of water and a container for them to drink from, poop bags, a familiar bed or blanket, and also take plenty of chews for your dog’s entertainment.  Don’t forget to take food with you to ensure your dog maintains their normal diet and treats to keep their blood sugar level normal.

Now that you’ve got the proper go out and some HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME!