What’s In Your Dog’s/Cat’s Bowl Workshop – Part 4 – July: How to Read Label

My 20+ years of experience of offering high quality pet foods has taught me a lot about the inner workings of the pet industry. I have seen trends come and go. I believe one component to helping your pet lead a healthier life is knowing how to read and to interpret the terminologies of pet food ingredient labels and marketing buzz words used on packaging. Let me share my knowledge with you so you can find the healthy foods and treats that will fit your budget while ensuring your best furry friend thrives!

Most pet foods are made from the by- products of human food production. I will help you learn what food manufactures produce pet foods that are essentially fast food that offer low quality ingredients with little nutritional value. In this workshop we will discuss how grocery store foods along with Science Diet and Royal Canin offer low quality ingredients that do not provide good nutrients.

Corporations are skilled at deceiving pet owners with TV ads with warm and fuzzy marketing to create a feeling of trust. My favorite TV ads are the Purina ads. I love the adorable puppies and senior dogs but cringe when I know what is in the foods they manufacture; such as corn, soy, by-products, gluten and wheat. These are all dangerous to pets when used for long term feeding, as animals they cannot digest these products easily and can lead to secondary health issues.

We will also talk about the sourcing of ingredients and also what foods are made in China or outside of the USA. The FDA recently put out information about sweet potatoes and peas. We will cover this concern and other questions you may have.

I believe that feeding a high quality diet is one of the most important things you can do to keep your pet active and healthy without hitting your budget. My motto is, “It’s easy – just flip the bag over and read the ingredients”. So bring in your bag of pet food and I will show you what to look for and what to avoid.