Patsy’s Pet Tidbits Blog

Toppers make it Fun!

Would you like to have the same meal every day? And, imagine if it was dry, hard kibble – even if it is nutritious kibble I am sure this gets boring to your pet. Food toppers can be used to stimulate an appetite or to switch up the flavor of the kibble. The main reason I like food toppers is to enhance the nutrition of both my dogs and cats. […]

Know Before You Go to the Bark Park

Everyday someone asks me, “Patsy, what dog park do you take your dogs to?”  The truth is – I find it difficult to relax with my dogs unleashed around unknown dogs.  I have years of experience concerning dog behaviors and I prefer to keep my dogs on a leash or playing with dogs I know. Alex and I do, however enjoy walking at dog parks without our dogs.  We enjoy […]

Tugg, Play, Love – What Your Dog Looks for in their Toy Box

It’s such a joy to experience all the unconditional love my dogs give me when I get home from work. Even though I made sure they had a stuffed bone with one of my favorite recipes to entertain them while I’m away, they are excited to see me and ready for play. Playtime with my dogs is one of my favorite pastimes. I watch them head over to their toy […]

Freeze-dried Raw Chews for Dental Health – Nutrition Packed!

February is dental health month and we have exciting solutions for your pet’s dental health. I have never been a big fan of typical packaged pet dental products. They are often made of dyes, yeast, chemicals and plastic-like materials that offer very little abrasion to the actual tartar on the teeth. High quality dental chews are made with products to help scrape the plaque off of the teeth, contain parsley […]

What to expect when you’re expecting (a new puppy!)

How exciting!  You’re about to bring home a new family member and we want to help you create a plan for success just as you would when having a baby. The first step is making sure that the dog you want will be a good fit for you and your family.  Let’s face it, puppies are dang cute and hard to resist!  But, they quickly grow into dogs with their […]

Myths and Facts of Raw Goat Milk

I’ve heard lately that some Vets have poo-pooed goat milk saying that it can be a source of Salmonella, E-Coli and Listeria.  This is a myth.  While this could be true of any raw food, a great deal of care is used in the manufacturing and distribution of raw products for just that reason.  FACT: We only sell goat milk and other raw foods that test 
every single batch for […]

Thanks for a fabulous first year!

It’s been amazing first year and we can’t thank all of you enough for your support, your friendship, and for giving us the opportunity to get to know you and your furry family members.  We are proud to be a part of such an amazing family focused community. Nineteen years ago, I began my journey as a pet supply business owner in Atlanta.  I met a great Texan guy, got […]

Canine Adolescent Stage

Dogs go through a second teething stage that often catches owners by surprise. Typically around the age of 8 months dogs will often begin a destructive chewing phase. This adolescent phase can be confusing for parents. This now mature puppy has grown larger and stronger and their jaws can now do even more damage than a tiny puppy. Unfortunately, this is often an age when dogs are turned into a […]

Correct Food Storage Solutions

As I visit with so many of you, I hear far too many stories that folks store their dog food in the garage and wonder why the food spoils or that roaches or mice get into the food.  It is just too hot in Texas to ever store food in the garage – including the wintertime. The best way to store food is to place the actual bag inside a […]

Hot Fun in the SummerTime!

While Texas can get a wee bit hot, there is still a lot of fun activities to do.  Consider these few fun ideas for you, your children, and your furry children whether you staycation or vacation during the summer break. Just keep in mind, dogs don’t sweat like people do, we need to help them keep cool.  Dogs regulate their body temperature through their paws or by panting, so take […]